Great Odysseus Journey

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Great Odysseus and his Journey
Back in ancient Greece there were many storytellers and these storytellers loved to come up with great tales of men against mortals and mythical creatures. Many of these stories were about Odysseus. There were many stories of the brave Odysseus and all his men as they set foot on there long journeys. These stories of great Odysseus were told by travelers and quickly spread throughout the world. Homer, a great poet of their time, collected many of Odysseus’ stories so they could be told all in order.
The stories recounted Odysseus and his men who existed on the island of Ithaca are extremely daring and give an incredible subtle element of Odysseus' trip. Odysseus had been far from home for a long time, battling
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After Odysseus and his mean had been adrift for some time, there supplies started to diminish. Odysseus and some of his men arrived on shore to search for nourishment and supplies. At the point when Odysseus discovers that Cyclopes live on the island, he's resolved to go look, in light of the fact that he's never seen one. He and some of his men go to the hole where Polyphemus lives and commit the error of being inside when Polyphemus gets back and moves an enormous stone over the entryway. He then snatches and consumes some of Odysseus' men. Odysseus manages this issue by getting Polyphemus inebriated, letting him know that his name is "Nobody", and afterward, when Polyphemus is passed out, Odysseus and his men cut a sharp pike and smolder it at the tip and use it to tae out how unparalleled eye. At the point when the Cyclops shouts for help and different Cyclopes come, Polyphemus gets out, "Nobody is harming me!" and they go away. In the morning, Polyphemus moves the stone from the door so that his sheep can go out yet feels the sheep as they do, to verify each animal that goes out is four-legged and wooly instead of two-legged and bald. Then again, Odysseus and the rest of his men are hanging upside down under the sheep, and they get away from that way. At that point, pretty much as they are cruising without end, Odysseus has the awful judgment to call, "If…show more content…
"Old shipmates, our stores are in the ship's hold, nourishment and beverage; the dairy cattle here are not for our procurement, or we pay for it sincerely." Helios was a wild god, and the outcomes for consuming his cows would be exceptionally extreme. Odysseus' men consented to this, yet after their sustenance supply was done, they were starving and very nearly starvation. Eurylochus, one of Odysseus' men, taken a stab at consuming the cows and attempted to persuade the other men to go along with him. "Come, we'll remove the noblest of these cows for offering to the divine beings who own the sky… Better open your lungs to a huge ocean unequivocally than waste to skin and bones on a forlorn island!" The men want into their allurements and have a dining experience. In the event that the men had obeyed and evaded the dairy cattle, they would have still wound up kicking the bucket from starvation. In any case, the men would've wound up biting the dust and starvation appears like a considerably more tormenting and long approach to kick the bucket than suffocating. This additionally demonstrates that the crewmembers were destined to pass on. I don't think the group merited the discipline they got for executing the steers. They were essentially attempting to survive, and they required the cows a
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