Homer's Odyssey: Is Odysseus A Hero?

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Usually, epic heroes share common character traits such as loyalty, courage, and bravery.
In Homer’s Odyssey, it is my belief that Odysseus is heroic mostly because he was brave. For example, when Odysseus and his men went to the Cyclops, Odysseus told the Cyclops that his name was “no one.” He made sure that the Cyclops fell asleep while his men made a sphere. Then they used the sphere to shoot it thru its eye. While the Cyclops had the sphere in its eye, the Cyclops made an exit for Odysseus, even though the Cyclops didn’t know they would escape. All of his men were saved by Odysseus, but 2.
Even though some people may argue that Odysseus is not a hero, I maintain that he is a hero because he tried to save his men using bravery and courage,
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