Homer's Odyssey: Relations Between Men And Women

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Book 8-12 1. For Circe, I love that Odysseus claims he wants to go home, but he stays with her for a year! How badly does he want to get home? And do you think Circe is dangerous? What do you think this episode says about relations between men and women? Think of the symbolic implications of men as pigs, drug and antidote, the threat of becoming “unman[ned],” and Odysseus’ sharp sword. Although I do not doubt that Odysseus eagerly wished to return home, I believe that for him the thought of being treated as a god once again must have been enough to make him subconsciously want to stay at least a little bit longer. She knew how to make a man want to stay with her forever. “ ‘And bathed me, mixing in water from the cauldron / Until it was just
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