Homer's The Odyssey: Misunderstood And Mistreated

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War veterans have been misunderstood and mistreated since the days of the ancient Greeks. Other men tried to steal the wives of soldiers back in ancient Greece, and America’s Vietnam veterans returned and were labeled as “baby killers”. The experience of war and serving in the military changes veterans. The only people who have experienced what they have are other soldiers. They feel like no one understands what they have been through when they return home. Veterans also tend to stay in combat mode even after the war ends, which could lead to violent behavior at home. War veterans are misunderstood when they return home because they never leave combat mode and people do not understand their war experiences. The book the Odyssey is the story of Odysseus and his soldiers and how they remained in combat mode after the war. Homer’s the Odyssey is an epic poem telling the story of Odysseus, war hero and king of Ithaca. This story details the challenges he faces on his voyage back to Ithaca and when he returns home. Soldiers still have a war mentality even after the war ends. Odysseus and his men plundered the island of Ismarus: “I stormed the place and killed the men who fought”(Homer pg.562). They stopped on the island to rest on their journey home, and they sacked Ismarus because they were still in combat mode. The gods punished them for this because the gods did not understand that soldiers stay in combat mode after war. Odysseus killed all the suitors who were trying to
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