Homes In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In the novel, The Great Gatsby, the author F. Scott Fitzgerald uses a variety of symbols and motifs to give the reader a better understanding of the characters in the novel. The author uses the mere symbol of the character’s homes to reveal or emphasize their traits. The homes of the characters play a significant role in the novel as each house portrays its inhabitants, the location reveals the characters’ values and at the same time symbolizes their flaws. Firstly, the character’s homes describe the traits of their inhabitants. One character whose home reflects him is Gatsby, who is an ambitious but naive character. Nick, the narrator, describes his surroundings and also Gatsby’s house for the first time when he says, “The one on my right …show more content…

The location of Gatsby’s house depicts his values as he lives in West Egg which Nick describes as, “the less fashionable of the two, though this is a most superficial tag to express the bizarre and not a little sinister contrast between them” (5). The location of Gatsby’s house is meaningful as it shows his strive to climb the social ladder since West Egg is known as new money and is also where people who aspire to be wealthy live. Nick’s move from the Mid-West to West Egg to pursue the bond business also another example of the strive to climb the social ladder. Gatsby’s ambition to climb the social ladder is evident through his belief in ‘The American Dream’ which eventually allows him to be with Daisy. Additionally, the location of Gatsby’s house allows him to show off his wealth since West Egg is the place where the newly rich settle and use their newly acquired wealth to show off to other people. Another important aspect of the location of Gatsby’s house is that “a courtesy bay” (5) separates West Egg and East Egg. This separation is significant as it shows that no matter what happens, West Egg and East Egg is always divided. The courtesy bay represents the class difference between West Egg and East Egg that is always present between them. Similarly, the location of Tom and Daisy’s house portrays their values as they live in East Egg which is considered as 'old money,' or a long-lasting wealth. The Buchanans are very attached to their money. Tom proves this when he explains to Nick his plans, “Oh, I will stay in the East, don’t you worry,’ he said, glancing at Daisy and then back at me as if he were alert for something more. ‘I would be a God Damned fool to live anywhere else” (10). Tom and Daisy have no reason to leave East Egg as they are at ease with people who are very wealthy, they are both greedy, spoilt and hide behind their money. As both characters strive for

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