Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

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However, there are many people who completely against the practice of homeschooling. They argue that there are many aspects beyond the pupils’ preferences and academic achievements which should be taken into consideration such as equality, quality of teaching, pupils’ social skills, and training for citizenship (RL. West,2009).

First of all, the opponents of homeschooling believe that since education is defined as a core, every child has the right for minimal shared education which provided by the state. Their arguments are based on the belief that the educational system has multiple roles such as providing the children with shared basic knowledge, preparing them for their adult lives as future citizens and protecting them from abuse. Thus, the responsibility and supervision on the child’s education should be on the state. Since homeschooling is an isolated system, the state unables to ensure that all of the educational system roles are truly achieved and every child exhaustives his or her maximum potential. In addition,
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Thus, there is no evidence that homeschooled children are better thinkers than children who went to traditional schools and achieved better outcomes in these subjective areas (Taylor-Hough, 2010) .

To sum up, it seems that homeschooling does not provide the learners with essential skills and knowledge which defined as critical for adult life. It is important that children will be able to deal with various types of situations in order to succeed in their life. Exposure to diverse ideas,cultures and ways of being in the traditional schools develops the pupils’ ability to think independently rather than in homeschooling in which the children are exposed to the content that their parents found as fit (Reich 2005 cited in G.Medlin,
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