Homeschooling Disadvantages

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Disadvantages of Homeschooling Homeschooling is another type of schooling parents can use if they don 't feel comfortable sending their kids to a public school. Homeschooling may be an alternative to regular schooling but it is not always better. There are many disadvantages that come with homeschooling. Homeschooling has many disadvantages which is why regular schooling is better choice. First of all, homeschooling limits a child 's social abilities and interactions; these social interactions are necessary for a child because they will help you later in life. Another downfall of homeschooling is the lack of persistence. When you are homeschooled many things are just given and there is no need to try to persist for something. Homeschooling also causes a lack of exposure to the world itself. Meaning all the blemishes of the world we want to shield our child from sooner or later they will see the blemish, it 's better they learn how to deal with when they are younger than not know how to deal with it at all when they are older. When going to a public school, kids are usually interacting with others and can make new friends. This is a really important thing to learn as kids because it is useful in the future. Social interactions help people develop soft skills which are useful later in life like when getting a job. Homeschooling is known as the practice of educating children at home rather than sending them to a public or private school. Keeping a child at home limits their
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