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Compulsory education can be seen to have started with the Aztecs in 1500-1600 AD, where males were schooled until they were 16. This system has evolved to not only to include male students but to include all children less than 18 years. The value and delivery of education is analysed critically because many people cannot agree what is best for all children (Moreau, 2012).
Parents have the right to decide what type of education their children have. They can choose many options but the two main ones are homeschooling and mainstream based schooling. There are both pros and cons to these to education systems. This research piece will analyse the pros of homeschooling and the pros of mainstream or mainstream schooling.
Pros of Homeschooling

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Parents can choose to buy specific curriculums from homeschooling networks, or some may choose correspondence learning which is where the child is still linked to a mainstream school and their learning materials. Tutors may be used or difficult subjects or foreign languages. Field trips with other homeschooled students, job shadowing or volunteering at local places helps with the socialisation of a homeschooled child (Lyman. 1998). Every homeschooling technique is unique to the parent and child, but there are basic methods to model their technique on. It usually takes time to develop and perfect their own method, but there are many guidelines (, n.d.). There are two types of homeschooling methods that comprise mainly of the use of technology, them being DVD/CD and internet homeschooling. DVD/CD based learning includes the use of quality educational DVDS or CDS to help the child learn, whether it be science or history. This does not mean merely watching television but it does include a comprehensive understanding of a subject and to develop a skill of some kind by watching it being done (, n.d.). For example, the Master Math programme in which you rent a disc that has all the modules and explanations needed to comprehend the different areas in Math. The second technologically based homeschooling technique is the usage of the internet. Accessing virtual tutors…show more content…
It has been put under a lot of strain by the controversy surrounding the homeschooling system. But homeschooling has also been given a lot of positive media coverage when looking at its great results when researched and surveyed (Lyman. 1998). There still needs to be more research done on how effective homeschooling really is and on the curriculums used (Moreau, 2012). In conclusion, based on research done in this piece there are many advantages to the different methods of
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