Homestead Exemption Essay

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The homestead exemption, is a tax relief plan which allows you to save on property taxes by allowing you to exclude a portion of your home’s value from the assessment. However, the homestead exemption only applies to a principal residence. In other words, the homestead exemption applies to a home owner who physically occupies their home. In addition, the homestead exemption request that only the home owner in who’s primarily responsible for the home is the only individual who can file the claim. Additionally, any one that is older than sixty-five and/or is disabled automatically qualify for the homestead exemption. This proposal prohibits the legislature from imposing a transfer tax on a transaction that conveys simple titles to real property.…show more content…
I love seeing youth and other schoolers getting their education if I can contribute I will, if not I will give back to my community so that I am able to help someone achieve greatness. As a mother, I want my daughter to have a good education it doesn’t have to be top notch or expensive I just want her to be able to be anything in this world she desires. If I am blessed not to have to pay taxes I will be able to send my daughter to a college of her choice, and also help someone else child if I am able to. I agree with this proposal to a certain extent, which is the sixty-five and older and or disable because when I am old and retired the last thing I want to worry about is being kicked out of my home that I have worked so hard for to pay off. I am not sure if the exemption carries over if you are left a house from a relative, it wouldn’t be fair to lose the home if you aren’t a veteran or a spouse of a veteran or all that applies to keeping the home. I would someday want to leave my paid for home to my children and would want them to live comfortably without the worry of being homeless because they don’t qualify for a tax exemption. In conclusion, the Texas Republicans will vote yes to this proposal, while the democrats will vote no. republicans are for individual wellbeing, while democrats believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same
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