Homestyle Pasta Case Study

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XLRI—Xavier School of Management A DECISION REPORT ON THE NEW YEAR’S EVE CRISIS Submitted to: Dr. Rahul Kumar Shukla LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL To, Mike Valenti, President, Michael’s Homestyle Pasta, Hartford, Connecticut. Date: 31 December 2001 Subject: A report on analysis of problem faced by Michael’s Homestyle Pasta Dear Mike, As per your request to prepare a report suggesting current course of action that must be taken concerning the Salmonella contamination at Southern Pasta Company, a report has been drafted which analyses the situation, defines the core problem, various options that are available to you, criteria of evaluation of these options and final recommendation including future action plan. It’s recommended that you inform your clients about the contaminated batch. Yours sincerely, Anup Chandra EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mike Valenti has found out that a batch of pasta contaminated with salmonella has been delivered to a vital client. The latest venture has made Micheal’s Homestyle pasta the biggest player in the market, hence it is important not to lose clients. Mike has to decide on a course of action which, other than solving the problem at hand, addresses the underlying problem of cultural difference of the two companies. It is recommended that he informs his client restaurants about the contaminated batch and also the root cause of the problem. Word Count [91] SITUATION ANALYSIS After coming to know about delivery of Salmonella contaminated

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