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Is Homework Actually Beneficial?
Most adults remember high school as the best years of their lives; however, this is not the case for students today, in reality, most would say that it is the opposite. The majority of teenagers nowadays would agree that highschool is dreadful, mainly due to the outrageous bulk of homework they receive each and every night. Homework has fallen beneath the radar over time due to the effects it has on the students. In fact, many studies have proven that abolishing homework has a positive outcome. Schools should decrease the homework load because it has created social issues, it has little beneficial effect on academics, and it has negative impact on students’ mental health.
It is important for children to be involved in social interactions such as: spending time with family, going to sporting events, and hanging out with friends. These are all activities that are crucial to the development of social skills. However, students are often knee-deep in homework, leaving no time for these activities. Viki Abeles wrote in the Washington Post, “They’re sacrificing a decent night’s sleep, exercise, family life, a social life, and spare moments to simply read, invent, dream or explore- everything that’s essential to a growing mind.” Abeles makes a good point, kids these days do not have any spare time; they need time to do things they want to do. To continue, a lot of teenagers work so they have even less time to complete their school work. John Porter,
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