Homework Benefit For Students

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Homework has been the bane of many a students existence for the past years, as countless think it’s unimportant. Restless nights of practicing equations and writing paragraphs are known by all children, especially within high school. Contrary to belief, homework benefits the average student so much more than people care to acknowledge. It conditions the minds of our children to think independently and become familiar with the knowledge they’ve gained. Grueling nights of completing page after page of homework only ready you for upcoming school work, much like in the words of Malcolm X, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” The war on homework has been going on for quite some time, originally being upscaled in America during 1950’s to keep up with communist nations. Then once more in the 80’s to keep up japanese economically. Great deals of experts have conflicting views on it, with it impacting stress and a students way of thinking, but all agree it can have benefits for children if given in the right amount. Homework is beneficial for students because it allows children to retain knowledge, behave better in class, and improve their overall test scores.
One of the major factors of why homework exists is to improve students grades and test scores. The correlation between the two has been under the microscope for quite some time now, being a main concern for school board members. Duke University Psychology Professor, Harris Cooper, has thoroughly studied this

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