Homework Persuasive Essay

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Homework has done nothing but make students’ school experience miserable as students dread receiving it. Day after day students are repeating the same routine of going to school, coming home, doing homework, and waking up to do it all over again. Oftentimes, there is no room for students to take any breaks. Instead, they are pressured to stay up late to complete inestimable amounts of homework. In addition, homework can prevent the opportunities to socialize with one’s family and to be physically active. Together, all of these issues impair the brain development and rob the love for learning. This then produces the opposite outcome homework is intended to create which is why there is an ongoing debate of whether homework is advantageous. Thus, the amount of homework required in schools has become unreasonable which increases health problems,…show more content…
This is proven when Mark Trifilio, principal of Orchard School in Vermont, decided to discuss homework amounts with teachers. At this meeting with teachers, he proposed an experiment: stopping all homework in every grade for six months. Surprisingly, all teachers signed yes, some passionately. The results showed that after six months, “Students have not fallen back academically, they are doing better now that they have time to be creative thinkers at home and follow their passions" (Strauss n. pag.). Many people stress the fact that homework is an important part of learning, but this school proved otherwise. The eight hours at school should be enough time to teach students vital information. On the other hand, after school should be a place where children exercise, interact with others, and seek their interests because this is what helps grow a mind into a creative thinker. Furthermore, creative thinkers were proved more academically successful. Overall, homework is proven not academically beneficial, but free time for children to become creative thinkers
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