Homework Center Descriptive Writing

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“Reading is fun, Laydie”, I urged.

“No”, Laydie pouted.

I turned the book over in my hands, taking in it’s water damaged ends and musty scent. The cover had a fairy on it who’s sparkling feathers caught the light when angled correctly. It was a worn book but not an old book, I did not understand why she did not like it. In a last attempt, I edged the book across the table, towards the 7 year old girl in front of me.

“Come on, give it a try”, I begged, “Don’t you read at school?” “I hate school”, she cries out as she scribbles on her coloring book.

I turned towards her, ready to push the topic even more, but she had her eyes trained on the flower garden, having already forgotten about our conversation. I sighed and stacked the book back with the others. Resting my head on my elbows, I stare at the colorful sign that reads, “Green Acres Homework Center”. The Green Acres Homework Center consists of two housing buildings merged together. To a stranger, the building looked like any other, but the real magic was inside.
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At first, it was just a way to get my community service hours, but the kids later won my heart and there was no turning back. It was a place of unity, a place of hope. It brought people from all over the city of Fitchburg together. Volunteers, such as myself, would come from everywhere to help, the high school kept in touch through their mentors, and the kids would bring different friends along. That unity, that Fitchburg unity, was shown everywhere: at football games, at school events, and even at the grocery store. My favorite aspect of Fitchburg, its unity, was what kept the Center running, what pulled the volunteers in, what made it
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