Negative Effects Of Homework On Students

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Homework is eating students alive! Too much homework is causing numerous issues within undergraduates in today 's society. Students stress levels are through the roof, social lives are diminishing, grades are slipping and their physical health is in jeopardy. Teachers appoint hours of work at night, which most kids do not have the time to accomplish, especially when they want to have a gregarious life outside of school. The issues declared have a common source which emphasizes that teenagers are receiving a colossal amount of homework and it needs to change. This problem was well known to Maria, a student in tenth grade. Her typical day consisted of waking up at six, going to school all day, then participating in basketball. Basketball tended…show more content…
It can teach children time management and responsibility. Moreover it can improve academic ability by teaching young adults how to juggle multiple tasks at once. Subsequently it can also help prepare these kids for tests, along with keeping learning, continuous from school to home. Harris Cooper, a Duke professor collected data that shows the positive and negative effect of homework on students. “Cooper’s analysis focused on how homework impacts academic achievement—test scores, for example. His report noted that homework is also thought to improve study habits, attitudes toward school, self-discipline, inquisitiveness and independent problem solving skills. On the other hand, some studies he examined showed that homework can cause physical and emotional fatigue, fuel negative attitudes about learning and limit leisure time for children,”(Reilly). In comparison studying does have great outcomes of knowing the material and being prepared for a test, but if the child is too overwhelmed from this it could have a counter effect once they receive their test. Although there are some positive aspects of homework, there are also many mental and physical issues that could arise as Cooper stated along with depression, stress, and possibly suicide. Equally important kids should not be exposed to such an extreme issue at such a young age. Teenagers have a lot on their plate of keeping their grades up, applying to…show more content…
The limitation will create healthier, more focused, well rested, and properly socialized people to enhance a more productive class period. Reducing the amount of work will only brighten their futures and give them more time to enjoy their lives. “A good way to think about homework is the way you think about medications or dietary supplements,” Cooper said. “If you take too little, they’ll have no effect. If you take too much, they can kill you. If you take the right amount, you’ll get better,”(Reilly). This illustrates that schools need to talk to their students and find the happy medium for homework and do what 's right for the majority of the minors. The time consuming assignments are taking away many childhoods across the globe, and no one wants that, do
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