Homework, Horrible? By Rodney Jones: Article Analysis

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Homework, Horrible? “Homework is arguably the worst punishment inflicted upon the student body” (Jones). People probably suspect that this extreme statement comes from a child complaining about to much school work. However, Rodney Jones, a writer for The Impact, starts of his argument against homework using this statement. He argues that these assignments do not actually aid children’s learning and it steals all of their precious time. Continuing, he explains how parents should extend their child’s knowledge outside of school, rather than through homework. In contrast to Jones’ argument, homework does enhance children’s learning through the small amount of extra practice provided to help the students excel in school. Students benefit from homework through extra practice on subjects they do not fully comprehend in class. Jones believes “homework is just tedious” and repetition of a material only helps in math and reading. But, in an English class, teachers need to assign essays or writing assignments as homework. Teachers cannot subtract precious class time having students compose compositions that otherwise they could spend teaching proper grammar rules or…show more content…
Jones claims that these assignments drops student’s grade when in reality the exact opposite happens. Many times, teachers assign easy, open book, worksheets or study helps as homework, which receive high grades simply for completion. This raises the students overall grade and protects them from getting a failing grade for simply bombing one test. Additionally, students rarely stress over small study assignments but 80% of them experience anxiety, depression and restlessness during finals, especially if much of their grade depends on one single exam or project (Ali). Thus, homework indeed aids student’s grade and overall

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