Homework Is A Hoax Essay

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Is Homework A Hoax? Most people would agree that telling someone to complete a task that could potentially damage his/her physical and mental health is completely absurd. Likewise, many people should agree the cons of homework outweigh the pros because of the problems it causes for students, including possible damage to their health. Students’ lives are consumed by constant stress from school and homework is the main contributor. Homework is supposed to help students academically, not make them despise learning and cause unnecessary stress. The debate on whether homework should be given to student’s has been ongoing for several years; some people argue that homework has substantial academic benefits while others argue that homework has nothing to do with academic achievement. Because homework causes sleep deprivation and makes students uninterested in learning, it is not beneficial. Homework is not beneficial because completing homework assignments causes stress and sleep deprivation. A good night’s rest is needed to do well in school; however, homework is hindering students’ growth. To start off, in a study conducted by The Tartan in the article “Lack of Sleep Hurts Student Health” by Anne-Sophia Kim, 102 college students were surveyed about their sleeping habits; 72 percent of the students replied they had done inadequately on a test because of lack of sleep. Students spend so much time on homework that they end up losing sleep and performing poorly in

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