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Every child dreams of going to college. They at a young age always have one dream of succeeding and accomplishing one dream job they always have wanted. Every child has a different dream but that dream would not go on without doing their homework through school.
Homework has been around since as early as the year of 1095. Homework at that time generally acted as a form of punishment for students. But what that teacher did not know as he had given student a punishment that would eventually help them in the long run. While some students still believe homework stands as a punishment, they do not know, they are actually stretching their brains. Everytime u learn anything new, brain neurons are forming new neurons. Those new neurons are the
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These deeper understandings are seen throughout the pupils of a classroom. Duke University social psychologist Harris Cooper claims doing homework can produce “increased understandings and retention of the material”. In fact, even younger students need a small amount of homework to help show they understand a topic according to PhD holder Harris Cooper. Mollie Galloway claims homework leads to a deeper understanding of topics because the students are engaged and listening to teachers during a lesson and they are giving an effort in answering questions the teachers ask. In other words homework acts like medication, take too much it will kill you but take just enough it will kill you, this analogy by Cooper describes homework perfectly. It describes it perfectly because too much homework has a student drowning in it so they can not spend time with their family and so they can not play sports but just enough homework makes it so the student can have a deeper understanding of a topic because they are retaining the information they learned in school. Since, homework typically gets checked the day after assigned by a teacher, students tend to just fly through out and not really think about their answers. So if the students are to actually think about their answers, they would pay more attention to the teacher, and overall just care about the class. It continues because the student who do not do their homework do not not care about the…show more content…
According to two separate studies by researchers at Duke University and with the Journal of Educational Psychology, the research does show increased benefits of students doing their homework to increased test scores at schools. An analysis done by Harris Cooper shows the impact on homework has on test scores, his analysis showed positive outlook on homework because scores went up. In another study done by Harris Cooper at Duke University shows “homework was linked to better test scores in high school”. In the other study done by Rubén Fernández-Alonso for the Journal of Educational Psychology, shows teachers who consistently assign homework for students, those students who did the homework has an increased test score over someone who did not complete the assigned homework. In other words, students who did their homework overall had performed better than someone who did not complete it. Since, homework act as practice, students realistically just practice what they have learned in school. Assigning homework to students only reinforces those topics making the students have a better understanding of a subject. So being assigned math and science homework on a regular basis will improve testing scores. Having raised test scores will make a school look better because it shows parents they care about their students future education. A student in high should get 2 hours of homework a night. As a high schooler I realize now when I do complete my homework I
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