Homework Is Homework

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Every child dreams of going to college. They at a young age always have one dream of succeeding and accomplishing one dream job they always have wanted. Every child has a different dream but that dream would not go on without doing their homework through school.
Homework has been around since as early as the year of 1095. Homework at that time generally acted as a form of punishment for students. But what that teacher did not know as he had given student a punishment that would eventually help them in the long run. While some students still believe homework stands as a punishment, they do not know, they are actually stretching their brains. Everytime u learn anything new, brain neurons are forming new neurons. Those new neurons are the skills you have learned. This connection of brain neurons have been going on since the day your very first days of being alive. So by doing your homework it leads to a deeper understanding of a topic, makes the class more purposeful, shows the teacher you are engaged in the class, and raises grades/test scores.
Homework teaches students good life skills. While studies about homework do differ, in a study by Mollie Galloway at Lewis and Clark College, she claims students who did homework are more physically engaged, giving effort, and paying attention in class rather than not paying attention and not retaining any information given by the teacher during the in class lesson and homework has “non-academic advantages, such as the development

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