Homework Is Too Much Homework

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These types of homework are already printed in your teacher 's books, at the end of each lesson: 10 words to memorize, 5 sentences in Portuguese to translate into English, grammar sentences to make, 5 words to make sentences, 5 words to make a text, revision exercises, verbs to memorize, etc. These homeworks are not in the student 's book, therefore the teacher must dictate them or write them on the board for the student to copy.
With most subjects, homework is very useful, but with the Direct Method, too much homework does not serve any great purpose, except to make some students dislike the study of English, and not look forward to their next lesson. Another problem with too much homework is that it can unbalance a class. Those students who do it will perhaps proceed a little more rapidly than those who do not. If you give extra homework, make sure it 's an exercise that the student will not take more than 20 minutes to complete. Most of our students are professionals and they don 't have a lot of free time to study outside the class. Giving too much homework will demotivate them and they will end up not doing it.
Extra homework, in case the student needs or asks: words to memorize (10 to 20), sentences in Portuguese to translate into English (5 to 10), grammar sentences to make (5 to 10), words to make sentences (5 to 10), words to write a text (5 to 10), etc. Another kind of extra homework that really helps the student is listening to his audios and reading his book at

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