Homework Is Bad Essay

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Practice makes perfect. This applies to everything in life such as sports like basketball and football, to activities like piano and skating. This age-old adage also applies to homework on how it helps students perform better in school. Recently, the use of homework has come under fire by various people, some even calling it an evil. The argument against homework is that it is unhelpful, leads to increased amounts stress in students, and inflicts negative effects on their academic ability and performance. These are critical criticisms of homework, however, they fail to see the negatives are only caused by unnecessary amounts of homework and also fail to realize the major benefits homework offers to students.
Homework has been apart of our
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This may be true, but too much of anything can potentially induce negative effects in some shape or form. This does not mean we should outright ban the use of homework in school. Most studies that say that abundant amounts of homework hinders learning in various ways say nothing about the result of moderate homework intake given to students. Mentioned earlier, too much of anything can produce unforseen repercussions such as higher stress in students and less learning overall. From the words of previously mentioned Harris Cooper, “A good way to think about homework is the way you think about medications or dietary supplements. If you take too little, they’ll have no effect. If you take too much, they can kill you. If you take the right amount, you’ll get better.” (Reilly). For homework to be used efficiently and effectively, it must be handed out in moderation. This produces the best result in students who use homework to gain a better understanding of what they are learning in class. This leads to a smoother class the next day which leads to more learning happening in the classroom. Too much homework stresses and hinders the brain, too little homework doesn’t have a measurable impact on
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