Homework Should Be Banned

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Homework. It’s arguably the thing children dread the most. Children go to school for eight hours a day and then are expected to come home and do school work. Kids hate it, and parents hate arguing with their children to do their homework, but is it really all bad? James Atwater is of the opinion that homework should be banned. Among his ten reasons why are that homework has no academic benefit, homework encourages bad learning habits, and homework has detrimental health effects. Contrary to what Atwater argues, I believe that there is actually a lot of value in students being assigned homework. Atwater claims that there are no academic benefits to homework and backs this claim up with results from a survey conducted by Trends in Math and Science Study. The study found that “students in countries that set below average levels of homework were more academically successful than those in countries that set above average levels.” This study does not support Atwater’s claim that homework should be banned; instead, it suggests that students preform better when they have less…show more content…
Atwater uses results from a study performed by Stanford to back up this claim. The study shows, “high school students who exceed the upper limit of more than two and a half hours of homework a night are more likely to show negative health and stress related symptoms.” Once again this study does not back up Atwater’s claim that homework should be banned. It simply supports that there should be a limit on how much homework teachers are assigning. If having excessive amounts of homework is causing poor health in students, then the solution is not to banish homework all together. If homework were banished students would fail to gain the benefits that homework offers. Homework disciplines students and teachers them personal responsibility, which some claim that the current generation

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