Homework Should Be Banned Essay

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Homework. It’s arguably the thing children dread the most. Children go to school for eight hours a day and then are expected to come home and do school work. Kids hate it, and parents hate arguing with their children to do their homework, but is it really all bad? James Atwater is of the opinion that homework should be banned. Among his ten reasons why are that homework has no academic benefit, homework encourages bad learning habits, and homework has detrimental health effects. Contrary to what Atwater argues, I believe that there is actually a lot of value in students being assigned homework. Atwater claims that there are no academic benefits to homework and backs this claim up with results from a survey conducted by Trends in Math…show more content…
Homework does, in fact, encourage good learning habits. It teaches students time management skills and responsibility. If Atwater claims that he is too tired to do his homework, he should learn how to best manage his time. A student could come home and take a break (take a nap, eat a snack, watch an episode of their favorite show) before beginning his or her homework. This allows students time to rest and get ready to begin their homework. Once, the student begins his homework it is important that he takes breaks on occasion to keep himself awake and focused on the task at hand. All of these habits can be applied to a person’s future career. It is likely that many students will go on to have jobs that require them to put in time off the clock. If a student learns how to effectively complete his or her homework from a young age, then the transition from school to the workforce will be much
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