Homework Should Be Banned In Schools

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. Recently school’s homework policies has been a popular debate.In the United Sates schools have been giving students more and more homework, whilst countries such as Finland have opted for banning homework from their educational system. Some have complained and said that homework takes away from family time and causes stress. Since homework has minimal effects on children's grades, and can cause stress, homework should be banned in schools around the world. Homework doesn't always improve academic scores. According to Van Thompson since the year 1981 the amount of homework has increased by 51% in the United States. Yet the in the United States on average students have scored much lower on final exams than students in Finland, who are not given homework during the school year but, they are still amongst the highest scoring around the world in reading, math, and science. According to experts, the reason for Finnish success is that at a young age they are thought to be responsible.”The teachers are respected; high talent is attracted into teaching; it is considered to be one of the most important professions.”-Finnish Prime Minister, Matti Vanhanen. In Finland each class room holds around 12 students in comparison to 30 students in the United States. This allows Finnish teachers to teach each child in way that will help them individually. Around the world most homework that is given is not beneficial to the student, it is just given…show more content…
Most homework that teachers give their students is not beneficial to the students whatsoever. Countries such as France are moving towards a no homework policy. A lot of homework can also cause stress to the students and to their families, and can also negatively affect a students social skills. Governments should all try to eliminate homework from school’s
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