Homicide Detective Research Paper

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After I graduate, I want to be an instructor with the Dine Corps and become a Homicide Detective. When I graduate PCC, my goals will take the rest of my life time, but my main goal, is to be a role model to others. To start off, after I graduate, I will join to join the Dine Corps and become an instructor, I want to help my country, so I shall train others how to fight and things like that. By being in the Dine Corps for a few years, I will have saved money to go to a bigger college, will going to a bigger college, I will gain the information to becoming an outstanding Homicide Detective. I have decided to go to either Adams State University or University of Colorado Denver to finish getting my Masters Degree. When I complete all of my…show more content…
My goal in life is to help others, save lives, and help rid of the evil. When I am done working and I have retired, my goal is to be help the community, be a football coach or work Children Safety Programs. My goals for after I graduate, are to help the future and the different lives in the world. My goals are to protect and save others, to serve and do something with my life. When I am done with college education, I want to help improve my community by using the skills I learned. In college I will be improving my writing, math, science, history skills. Being a cop or a detective, require these skills. All are necessary for the job I plan on taking on. With the classes I am taking in college, I will be preparing for my future job. In my job, I will be required to write reports and solve many problems/ cases. In college I will be improving my high school education, which will improve my skills for my future job, this meaning, I will he helping improve my community. Now, to discuss money. I do not have a source of income, currently, my parents are paying for my college education. I am working hard on getting a job, but, only being 16, it becomes a challenge to get
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