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The participants of this study are Male students from Qazvin English Language institute with the range of 17 to 19 years old. There are 90 learners in intermediate level who are given Oxford Placement Test (OPT) as the homogenization test. Those participants whose scores are fall between one standard deviation above and below the mean will be selected and they are defined as intermediate EFL learners in this study. Then, the researcher divides them into two groups randomly. Each group consists of an equal number of 30 participants. The students will be divided in two groups: control (Class A, N=30) and experimental (Class B, N=30).
3.2. Instrumentation
3.2.1. Teacher’s strategies items in Questionnaire: This form has been developed by Dorney (2001) as comprehensive and practical framework for a motivational teaching practice (See Appendix A).
3.2.2. Pre-test speaking: The purpose
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Meanwhile, all activities of teachers in the class B will be recorder to help the researcher to assess the experimental procedures. In class A, the traditional teaching method will be used. In this group no motivational strategies will be used by the teacher and the students have to learn English without any motivational intervention .In class B, some motivational strategies will be applied by the teacher and teachers help students explicitly and persuade them to speak English. The teacher also applies the motivational strategies to help students to learn new English sentences and practice the correct pronunciation of the words. This treatment will be applied for one term (20 sessions, 40 hours). At the end of term, a final speaking achievement test will be conducted through an interview to assess the achievement of students in oral communicative capability. The scores of students in both groups will be calculated and

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