Kimmel On Homophobia Summary

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Micheal S. Kimmel clearly argues about homophobia, in our lives today. Kimmel showed how this world thinks and judges in the beginning of man kind, he has mentioned his experience and how it still continues on today. The author is against the fact that men are constantly worried on how they are seen by others, men try to be as manly as possible in comparison to those around them. Men get alarmed in regards to what they wear, eat, and how they walk. Homophobia is the fear of being looked at as being gay or in our words feminine. The world we are living in makes a straight rule according to the community’s thinking, to define power it is the capacity or ability to influence the behavior of others. The term power used today related to masculinity…show more content…
He argues that men are afraid of being seen as not manly enough. Men are always in competition against each other, and take risks only to assert their masculinity over others. Kimmel has said that men prove one another by wealth, power, and looks.
It is also known that woman are known as a supporter of every man. Kimmel has shown this by stating that women are a kind of currency that are used to make a man a real man.
Most men’s goals are that they gain acceptance from other men.For example if you wear a hair clip, have a peircing, or don 't like some type of sports it means your feminine. They all try to be ranked as the most masculine of all men. It all starts from their childhood. Every boy tries to prove himself strong, tough and manly. They also challenge each other with chest hair and mustache. People think if you don’t have these two traits means your gay. The creation of god made me this way it doesn’t mean im not a
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As kimmel said about asix year old boy, walking to the playground and provoke a fight to prove himself strong. If the opposed victim doesn’t fight back he will be known as a sissy, and no child wants to be called that. That 's why males get so careful on their physical behaviors. Women are the most concerned in a man 's life. If you have a sexy woman, you are officially a man. Boys acts the way he is normally in front of his close friends. But when it comes to flirting men put a lot of effort , to look as manly as possible, because no man wants to be seen as gay infront of women. All males think that a woman will fall in love with the a pumped up chest and a rough voice. But, men do not know is that not all women are the same. Kimmel has heard from a woman saying that to know if a man is gay he will be caring about her. Another woman said a man is gay if he doesn 't show any interest of her. The reason to that is if a man cares too much towards that particular woman she will think that this man is tender and soft . In the other hand the other woman will get mad if that male doesnt show any interest in her and she will get frustrated. Women have mixed up emotions. This clearly shows that not all women can be identical and all woman have a different point of view on men.All you observe through your eyes in this life is competition. This conflict can be resolved as man vs
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