Homophobia In Modern Society

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Maybe at Times, it is easier to be famous and out We live in a modern society where the diversity and difference between people is starting to get acknowledged, rather than suppressed. The range between the different kinds of people, and lifestyles wideness for every day. We live in a world that is drastically changing for the better, yet it’s far from perfect. Homophobia is still alive, making it hard for people to come, without fear for hate, rejection and violence. 4 in 5 LGBT people have experiences hate crime, and more than a quarter have experienced some violent form for hate. For some it’s harder to come out than others. We have a society very much influenced by the medias. Young ordinary gay people reflects themselves in the famous gay people, even though the circumstances are more than different. Barbara Ellen from The Guardian discusses topics such as “homophobia” and “coming out – issue” in our modern society.…show more content…
It is a well-known paper, known for dealing with various themes. It is a opinions paper where Barbara Ellen writes down her own opinion about the subject. In the article, Barbara Ellen’s target group in not only gays, but also the general well-educated population. It is to be expected that the people who read the article would be a part of generation Y, also called the Millennials. It is a liberal generation with a huge diversity in religion, nationality and sexuality. Barbara is speaking to those wanting to be a part of a non-taboo-society with equal rights for everyone. She is speaking to the minority and people who wish equality on the world. Homophobia is a sensitive subject where, as a journalist from the outside, has step carefully not to offend anyone. Talking about a subject like this, if your not gay yourself, can easily as a know-it-all or
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