Homosexual Binary Words

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A binary in the subject of sexual orientation is words that are used to represent different sexual oriented individuals that have been pointed out as adjectives to society by being called homosexual, bisexual, gay, and queer. For sexual orientation binary words are used in a widely portion to describe how “abnormal” people are in order to compare them to what we would call “normal”. Words used to describe a group of people’s orientation are by placing them in the “homosexual” group, which is the group for people who are fond of the same sex. Also the word used to place people who are considered “normal” is “heterosexual” group, when a person has attractions to the opposite sex. Heterosexual and Homosexual binary words are based on the binary of sex. A binary in the subject of gender is using words such as man, male, female, and adolescent.…show more content…
Society uses another word such as transgender for a person who was born one gender and transformed into the opposite gender. The problem with the binary words in all three subjects is that society uses these words to objectify a person’s identity. When a person is considered confused of their sexuality, they are being considered “bisexual” for the reason they are interested in both sexuality. A person that is subject to a certain word to live with in identity can cause the person to only live with how other people would like them to live. They tend to only focus on what they are told by society that every person has one sex, one sexuality, and one gender. When being told to only live by just one makes people believe that they must stick to just being one sided, instead of being two sided which is
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