Homosexual Love In Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince

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Oscar Wilde’s quote“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” seems to express the way he actually lived his life, a charming character who experienced both the pleasure and humiliation of society’s judgment. His intellect, brilliance and humanity shine through his short story”The Happy Prince”. Should we consider this fairytale as a simple story intended to be read to children? This question needs to be fully answered in order to have an idea of what Oscar Wilde really intends. He was humiliated because of his sexual orientation, therefore there are a lot of hidden messages and fantasies, which he was trying to hide from Victorian moralists. Furthermore, in his private correspondence, Wilde himself states that the tales were written “not for children, but for childlike people from eighteen to eighty”
Homosexual love can be clearly identified in because of Oscar Wilde’s choice of characters, his description of three different relationships and there are numerous similarities between Oscar Wilde and the Prince. To start with his choice of characters, choosing the Swallow as one of the main characters instead of a female character gives us a reason to suspect the presence of homosexuality themes.”Since the love is shared between a swallow and a statue, it is patently non-sexual. Yet, it is spiritually transforming, redeeming the swallow from the selfishness, which initially characterizes him” For instance, the images, symbolism and Wilde’s sexual orientation
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