Rational Empiricism

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Homosexuality refers to sexual attraction between people of the same gender.

Homosexuality was considered a mental illness in the West until 1973 when the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its certified Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). What’s important to note is that:
• Only about 60% of the members voted positive for the change. (Burton, 2015)
• This decision was not triggered because of some scientific breakthrough, but under the increasing pressure of social protest movements of the 1950s to the 1970s: commencing with the African-American Civil Rights Movement, and then progressing on to the women 's and gay rights movements.

Today, as a result of International Gay and Lesbian
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History is witness, whenever the decisions about what is morally good and evil is left to the human minds to decide, the moral foundations of the society crumbled. Allah ﷻ says in the Holy Quran:
“And if the truth had been in accordance with their desires, verily, the heavens and the earth, and whosoever is therein would have been corrupted!”
(Quran (23:71))

To bring people back to the truth, we have to educate the masses about this abomination (it’s social and health-related harms) and tell them why following Allah’s laws is the only way we can save ourselves from corruption.

 In Islam, Allah is the only lawmaker. Islamic Shariah is fixed, absolute and unchangeable. Allah is our Creator and thus He knows what is good and bad for us. What was declared morally good by Allah will never ever be morally evil and vice versa. The Divine laws provide our society with a solid moral foundation and thus save us from corruption. The Quran says:
“The decision is only for Allah”
(Quran (6:57))
“And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed - then it is those who are the wrongdoers. “
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Allah destroyed the people of Lut ؑ because of this.

 Homosexuals claim that their sexual orientation is natural and they are born gay. But “no causal theory of sexual orientation has yet gained widespread support. The most scientifically plausible causal hypotheses are difficult to test.” (J. Michael Bailey, 2016). And even if scientific evidence is provided to prove that homosexuality has genetic foundations, it will still be considered a crime. Human beings have free will. “Some scientists are currently claiming that crimes like robbery and murder have genetic origin. So will the Western society decriminalize them also??” (Philips, 2007)

Sheikh Umar Qadri says, “The Islamic tradition has always acknowledged that some people may have homosexual impulses and this is not considered a sin in Islam. To act on these sexual impulses is considered a sin in Islam.” If a Muslim has such impulses, he should consider them as a test, keep his duty to Allah and he will be rewarded.

 The spread of homosexuality has caused many diseases which no one can
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