Homosexuality And Ethics Essay

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According to press conference (1997), lesbian and gay sex is considered as sexual misconduct in Buddhist point of view. In addition, oral, manual and anal sex with anyone includes homosexuals and heterosexuals are prohibited under Buddhism. Homosexuality is known as an improper act either it is a sexual contact between women or men (Christopher, 2004). Comprehensively, specialists have started investigating the significance of gay men 's social identification and its effect on well-being and how gay men’s behaviour were influenced by the traditional Chinese culture, the impact of social-norm and stigma had on their social network, and the contradiction they meet when balance between family and self-identity (Li, 1992).
2.1.6 Hinduism Perspective
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According to this view, ethical norms or standards were given by God and peoples are responsible to obey and support those commands that distributed by God regarding what is right and wrong. Divine command theory is an ethical theory which often referred by ethicist due to this theory stated that ethics are created or comes from God or the decree from god. Therefore, the arguments of good or evil, right or wrong, and justice or injustice are determined by the God will or decree while not by human intuition, wish, reason, or wants (Eby,…show more content…
Furthermore, the victims would not like to disclose to public (London, Bruck, Ceci & Shuman, 2005). Without disclosing, many harmful effects will fall to the victims which including continuous life-long abuse and also not willing to accept remedial medication (Ullman, 2003). Especially women, the group of individuals’ who refuse to reveal childhood sexual abuse experiences because they afraid of disbelieve by others (Lundqvist, Hansson & Svedin,
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