Homosexuality And Homosexuality

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According to press conference (1997), lesbian and gay sex is considered as sexual misconduct in Buddhist point of view. In addition, oral, manual and anal sex with anyone includes homosexuals and heterosexuals are prohibited under Buddhism. Homosexuality is known as an improper act either it is a sexual contact between women or men (Christopher, 2004). Comprehensively, specialists have started investigating the significance of gay men 's social identification and its effect on well-being and how gay men’s behaviour were influenced by the traditional Chinese culture, the impact of social-norm and stigma had on their social network, and the contradiction they meet when balance between family and self-identity (Li, 1992).
2.1.6 Hinduism Perspective of Homosexuality Hinduism is considered as the drive towards the realization of the innermost nature of an individual’s being and achieving the unity of one’s spirit with the Supreme Being (Hiriyanna, 1996). Hinduism focuses mainly on personal virtues such as self-denial and renunciation which promotes in self-improvement in current life and a potential of salvation or attainment of a higher caste in the next (Thadani, 1990). As an individual, we need to have religion knowledge because religion seen as a medium to form an opinion to about homosexuals (Wilkinson, 2004).
Some religious leaders of Hinduism have a negative opinion about homosexuality and claimed that homosexual is unnatural and incompatible with Hinduism. There is no
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