Homosexuality And Sexual Orientation

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Knowledge on Homosexuality and Sexual Orientation It is very evident that one of our societies issue is homosexuality. Nevertheless, only few are aware and deeply knowledgeable of this concern. There has been a growth in the population of the LGBTQ community, specifically, lesbians and gays. Homosexuality is a branch from heterosexuality. According to the definition of Encyclopædia Britannica of homosexuality, it is a sexual attraction to one’s own gender. Homosexual is also referred to as gay and as for females, lesbians. Sexual orientation plays a big part in defining a person’s sexual identity. It is a sense of identity relating to the person’s emotional, psychological behavior and his or her attractions and preferences. As stated by the…show more content…
Homosexuality as a very controversial issue in many societies, there are many viewpoints that people need to ponder as there are many factors that affect a person’s outlook. Social and religious insights are taken in to consideration. Since then it has been a subject of many debates and discussion as some view homosexuality as immoral. In the Bible there are many passages that talks about homosexuality as it is sexually immoral. Seeing in a religious view God designed men and women with their specific function and the concept of man is for woman and woman is for man only, as they are both complementary (Grudem, 2013). Seeing that Philippines is an only Catholic and Christian dominant country with a mix of other religions, they are family-oriented and brought up with values obtained from the bible, especially moral values (“Homosexuality In Modern Day Society”,2015).In the society, homosexuals are commonly viewed as a third-party sex. In a survey conducted by Pew Research Center which concerns the views of LGBT adults and the public, they have found a similarity in both insights wherein the society as a whole are slowly changing their views about gays in lesbians (Drake, 2013). On the other hand societal views are still divided into their lenience, intolerance and neutral view. Intolerance results to homo-negativity that becomes the occurrence of being homophobic or the fear of gay men and lesbian women. There is also the influence of media. In the western media the portrayal of homosexuality as it is very different of how it should be, as they show homosexual lifestyle and relationships as blissful, healthy and focused more in commitment but in real life it is not (Kokoski, n.d.). This portrayal of causes a misconception and stereotyping of gender roles by the media viewers. In this research, perception of young adults are taken as they play a big role in social

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