Homosexuality And Violence In The Film Boys Don T Cry

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The Film Boys Don’t Cry Boys Don’t Cry is a film directed by Kimberly Pierce and adapted from a true story of Brandon Teena. Brandon was 21 a female to male transsexual who was brutally raped and killed in the year 1993, outside the Falls City, Nebraska. Being a female to a male transgendered individual, Brandon was escaping from the gender and sexuality restrictions that were present in his hometown. He moved to Nebraska where he was involved with Lana Tisdel, who was unaware that Brandon was transgendered. After his sexuality is discovered, Brandon is beaten and raped by Tom and John. He reported them to the police and as a result, he is attacked and murdered at the age of 21. The major themes in the film are sexuality and violence. The film presents how transgendered people are treated in the…show more content…
The people around him did not accept Brandon after his gender change, but he did his best to handle the situation by trying to fit in the society. He faces rejection and violence, but that does not make him change his decision to change from female to male (Siegel, 2003). If Brandon were to come to me for support, I would have supported him because the transgender community is now common in the world today. I know many people might not agree with my decision to support Brandon, but sexual change is an individual’s decision; therefore, he/she should not be criticized or hurt in the process. In conclusion, the film Boys Don’t Cry represents the life of a transsexual youth who was raped and murdered because of his sexuality. Brandon Teena underwent a transition from a female to a male transsexual, and this led him to his death. He faced a lot of violence and rejection from society because of the decision he made to change his sexuality. Kimberly Pierce presents a film that depicts how transgendered people are treated in the society through the life of Brandon

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