Homosexuality Definition Essay

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Hannah Capece
Professor Peres
15 January 2018
Mid-Term Journal
Morals are principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct. While morals also prescribe dos and don'ts, morality is ultimately a personal area of right and wrong. Moral issues are those which involve a difference of belief and not a matter of preference. Moral issues would involve a factual disagreement where one or the other or neither belief is correct. It would not involve a disagreement in attitude or in feeling. Examples of a moral issue would include whether it is right that one speaks truthfully in a particular circumstance or whether one obeys the law in a particular circumstance, as these issues as the rightness or wrongness of the action are assumed to be factually determinable through empirical inquiry. (diffen.com)
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Although it does not personally affect me, it is something that is prevalent in my life as I have family and friends who are gay, bisexual and lesbian. Homosexuality is completely moral. Who you choose to love is something you cannot control, who you choose to have a relationship should not affect the way other people feel. It is something that I believe cannot be wrong if it wasn't a choice to begin with.
While homosexuality has no place in any religion and seems to work completely against natural selection, the one certainty is that homosexuality isn't a choice. Sadly, many gay people are harassed to the point of suicide only because of their sexuality, so it makes no sense that they would value their "choice" to be gay over their lives. Rather than labeling homosexuals as unnatural or wrong, we should recognize that they are people just the same as we are and treat them with respect. In addition, homosexuality causes no harm to others.

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