Homosexuality In His Life In Oscar Wilde's Life

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Oscar pulled from his life experiences in order to write his poetry, and one constant thing he used was his sexuality. The reason why this is significant is not only because of the time period he lived in but also because it affected his real life. However, even if Wilde was a writer who truly pulled from his own life to write, not all the topics he wrote about, were impactful to his life. This was something Wilde himself even admitted he did, showing just how connected his life was from his writing (Marcus). This shows how even if his writing style matched his time, with his lifestyle being different; Wilde works would not always match the status quo of the Victorian period. Even if during the Victorian period, there was more visibility of homosexuals, especially in males. The reason for the queer population was coming to light was thought to be because males were looking at Greek views on male relationships. Further, with all the laws forbidding same sex relation, made it more desirable for some (Marsh). As for Wilde, he was not necessarily a homosexual, but rather a bisexual man. Yet, in his writing he make references and writes about queer idea and themes. Such as he did in his poem “The Ballad of Reading Gaol”, which he wrote after his time in prison for acts of indecency. This poem shows his complicated feelings about his choices leading him to his situation and his homosexual tendency that lead to those choices. However, as he deepens his romantic relationship with
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