Homosexuality In Military

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Title: Acceptance of Homosexuals in the Military
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary 2014, homosexuality is defined as the “quality or state of being homosexual.” Homosexuals are characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward another of the same sex. Several years ago, acceptance of homosexuals in the military were implemented. They were allowed to join the military as long as they can comply with the requirements, rules, and regulations. This has been a great opportunity for the LGBT community to show off their potentials in serving the military as well as the country. They are also male who has the capacity to do what a cadet can do. I is important for a country to obtain a zero tolerance to discrimination.
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In the Filipino be a violation to human rights. It is not also easy for the applicants to do these extraordinary things. They may face a physical, sexual, or psychological violence which is a fact of life LGTS community. But no matter what hindrances they will be facing, when they have their heart for the military service, it will be possible for them to be well-rounded military officers and an officer in the army as well when they finish the program. (Cropp,Cohen, 2008,par.4) Homosexuals would not be neglected as long as they are willing to be of military service. Since homosexuals are widely accepted in the military, they could therefore apply for service and prove that they also have the capacity to do what a cadet can do. Having on equality in the military and having on equal opportunity for gay boys and girls would help eliminate discrimination within the country. Homosexuals had their freedom to join the cadets and prove that they can be a cadet that everyone will look up to someday. Not all homosexuals are socially misfit who lock the capacity to work on a task of a cadet. Most of them are physically fit and capable of entering the…show more content…
Besides, it would be a violation to human rights if they turn away to applicants who are willing to serve the military. Officials must help them to adjust inside the academy and adapt to the life of a cadet. They must be guided with the Military’s Code Ethics do they can comply with the
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