Homosexuality In Popular Culture

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American Popular Culture has becoming a driving force behind gays and lesbians. This nation has brought homosexuality to the forefront for everyone see. No matter if the person is real or a fictional character on T.V., in movies or singing on stage. With artist like Frank Ocean, transgender actors such as Laverne Cox and actress Ruby Rose and television host Ellen DeGeneres popular culture and homosexuality has changed drastically. However, in sports like football, basketball and boxing the culture surrounding gay males has yet to change. Although, you have gay male’s athletes like Wade Davis (NFL), Kwame Harris (NFL), and Jason Collins (NBA); that have all announced publicly that they are in homosexual, they are still ridiculed and discriminated against. Popular culture is a vital source in expanding acceptance of homosexuality, as well as HIV/AIDS. TLC’s song “Waterfalls” spoke briefly on HIV in the form of heterosexual relation. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ and song “Same Love” displayed a vivid depiction of marriage-equality and acceptance.

This PG-13 rated, drama was released in December 1993 by director Jonathan Demme. This film is presented showcasing the life and tribulations of Andrew Beckett played by Tom Hanks. Andrew Beckett’s story is based on a true story with similarities to the life of Geoffrey Bowers and Clarence Cain. Andrew Beckett - who was infected with AIDS virus and afterwards fired when his affliction was detected by the partners in

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