Homosexuality In Sookie Stackhouse's Novel

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My impression of the novel is a book capable of inducing the feeling of eroticism, sexual energy, danger, and suspense all at the same time. In my view, the genre of the novel can best be described as an erotic thriller. The novel present a strange intermixing of humans and other supernatural beings. Indeed, the writer follows the modern tradition of presenting vampires as a romantic, erotic and elegant species rather than some demonic creature. The character of Sookie Stackhouse is indeed a very intricate one the more I read about her and the more I become familiar with her personality the more she excites me. The most prominent themes apart from suspense and a thrilling plot are eroticism and issue related to sex and gender. The…show more content…
The story depicts the issue of homosexuality as a matter of personal choice and the author tries to present the notion as an acceptable norm rather than a taboo. Highlighting homosexuality in such an open way seems to be an effort to remove the stigma from the notion gayism. In her story, the author describes a society that is open with regards to sexual preferences and where sexual attraction is not influenced by gender bias. Likewise, while presenting a story full of sexual energy the issue regarding the concept of fidelity and loyalty also emerges. The characters of the story seem to struggle between the fidelity and sexual…show more content…
She describes vampires as a handsome, elegant, immortal and sexual attractive breed. Vampires in her story are not simply a manifestation of the evil rather they appears as a cardinal element of the story and the author provide her vampires with complex characters having their codes, aspiration, desires, and values. One interesting concept about vampire described in the story that strikes out is they cannot have a legal sexual relation with other vampires and a vampire must choose a human as a sexual partner. This strikes me as a strange addition on the part of the author as she is projecting a society that has granted a generous amount of freedom to sexual interactions. It seems strange that on one hand Charlaine would promote homosexuality and would project a society that is willing to relinquish formal social controls from sexual preferences while on the other hand she herself created a gender discrimination with regards to sexual preferences. While going through the story issues related to gender stereotyping and gender discrimination originates in my mind. Maintaining our social and literature norms, Charlaine presents her women charters as fragile and timid while she presents males as dominant and cold. The aura of male domination can be clearly discerned through the story. Also,

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