Honda Case Study

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In the financial perspective, strategic goal which is growing profit is driven by two factors such as attract new customers, increase sales and number of existing customers. Customer perspective cover some elements such as customer satisfaction, service quality and customer safety. Process perspective include few components such as improve quality of product and service, enhance ability of solving problem and detection as well as increase innovation. Lastly, learning and growth perspective include improve customer service, provide education opportunity and enhance employee’s technical skills.
In order to achive main goal, Honda Company should provide education opportunity to employees by developing training programs. By giving training program to employees, it can improve staff techinal skills and customer service operation. Therefore, they will become more knowledgable in detecting and solving problem. By having full knowledge and better customer service operation, it can improve product and service quality that are offered by company (Kaplan&Norton, 1996).
From process perspective, Honda Company should expand initiatives and product innovations to reduce customer complains. By increase the product innovation and initiatives, employees are able specialize in solving those problem that are facing by customers; customer can feel safety and secure about company’s product and receive good service quality that were offered by company. The example of product initiatives such as
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