Honda Honda's And CSR Characteristics

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Corporate social responsibility refers to an idea that has been of concern to mankind for a long time. However, with recent developments in the business world it has grown to be of increasing concern to societies practicing ethical activities. Establishing a CSR strategy in a firm is vital as this shows that the company is committed towards the wellbeing of their consumers and gives an enhances their overall reputation.

Corporate social responsibility is no longer known by how much money they contribute to charities, instead it has become about the improvement of the quality of people’s lives by doing socially ethical activities. As stated by the International Organization for
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This includes the key CSR themes that are environment, safety, quality and society which are followed by the company in order to be “a company the society wants to exist”. With respect to environment and safety, in 2010 The Honda Environmental and Safety Vision was established and it expresses their passionate commitment to provide products that enhance personal mobility as part of their ongoing mission of “delivering excitement” to customers while contributing to the development of society. Moreover, with the goal to reduce CO2 emissions, Honda is focusing on the reduction of energy consumption while expanding their production and sales on a global scale. In addition, they believed in using renewable energy resources such as wind power to generate electricity necessary for annual local automobile production. Furthermore, Honda is also focusing on the elimination of risks of the reduction of the volume of water resources used and waste. For example, to minimize water use, various businesses are executing steps such as utilization of recycled water and promoting water…show more content…
Since Iwatani Corporation has partnered with Honda, they developed a Smart Hydrogen Station, a hydrogen filling station with the Power Creator at its core. This way any vehicle fueled with hydrogen can easily refuel their vehicle with the Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS). Although it is an electric car, since its powered by hydrogen its range is limited by the size of the tank and Honda predicts the official EPA range rating will be more than 300 miles, since the refueling will take only a few minutes at a hydrogen refueling station. Honda has been trying to bring this to the market for the past 20 years and finally with the partnership with General Motors they were able to do so. This creation brought about a large number of profits to the company and fulfilled their dream into a reality. As Honda fulfilled their aim in “turning a hydrogen society into a reality” shows that they engaged in a corporate social responsible
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