Respect For The Individual: Individual Differences

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.1 Respect for the Individual
Honda recognizes and respects individual differences. The respect for individual stems from the following three points:
 Initiative
 Equality
 Trust
It is the contribution from each individual in the company that has made our company what it is today and that, which will take us into the future.
The Three Joys
In line with Honda 's Philosophy, HMSI conducts all its daily activities in pursuit of the following joys:
 The joy of buying high quality products.
 The joy of selling high quality products.
 The joy of manufacturing high quality products.
1.2 The Power of Dreams
Everyone has a dream, some goal or activity that gives their life deeper meaning and sparks passion. When we pursue our dreams, we feel empowered.
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Ltd. (HMSI ), a 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd., Japan ,in 1999. Since its establishment in 1999 at Manesar, District Gurgaon, Haryana, Honda has lived up to its reputation of offering the highest quality at the most reasonable price. Despite being one of the youngest players in the Indian two wheelers market, Honda has become the largest two wheeler manufacturer as well as the second largest two wheelers company in…show more content…
With this aim in mind, Honda 's R&D activities include product-specific development and fundamental research.
3. Technology
3.1 Honda Eco Technology
In keeping with its strategic approach of ? Mileage Up? for maximizing customer satisfaction, Honda launched the all new Honda Eco technology in 2013, making the Most Fuel Efficient 2W in India!
The new Honda Eco Technology boosts fuel efficiency of Honda?s products resulting in a Dream Mileage (Mileage based on internal Honda test ride mode that is close to actual city riding conditions). This revolutionary mileage benchmark is yet another milestone from Honda.
Forming the crux of the revolutionary Honda Eco Technology is the trio of improved combustion, significantly reduced friction and optimized transmission in Honda engine:
 Reduced friction by offset crank, significant weight reduction of reciprocating parts, low tension piston ring and improved bearing oil seal.
 Improved combustion with highly ignitable nickel spark plug and optimized inlet

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