The Honest Company Case Study

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The Honest Company Quality
Team 4
Diana Echaves, Magali Fernandez, Carlos Funes
Devry University GSCM 326
Professor Russell Robertson

The Honest Company Quality
#1 Prepare an evaluation of quality within The Honest Company.

#2 Use prior information learned in statistics or quantitative methods, apply the appropriate tools to find the source of quality problems that The Honest Company is facing, and create an improvement plan. Use your knowledge of Six Sigma Breakthrough.
What’s in a name? This is one question the founder of the Honest company may have invested a lot of thought over. To name a brand “Honest” may have been a great marketing coup for a company that sells non-toxic and eco-friendly products to parents, but The Honest Company is creating some extra concern now that things are going wrong. Jessica Alba’s company is supposed to produce eco-friendly and hypoallergenic goods that are intended to give parents peace of mind. Instead she is getting the piece of minds of customers. The company has recently agreed to pay $1.55 million to settle a nationwide class action lawsuit claiming it misled buyers about ingredients in its laundry detergent and dish soap. The company continues to deny wrongdoing in this case, but it’s one in a series of highly publicized lawsuits and recalls
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Although the baby formula case was dismissed by a judge in December, claims about the company’s sunscreen are still being litigated. Recalls have also been a problem as of late. The company recalled baby wipes out of an abundance of caution after it detected mold in some packages. The company also recalled its baby powder in January over concerns it could cause skin or eye
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