Honesty In Flash Jack

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In Maureen Mc Carthy’s, novel Flash Jack. Honesty is a big part of the book, it affects both the characters and the plot. Maureen obviously believes in honesty as in some parts of the book honest can help resolve problems. “Honesty is [sometimes] the best policy” if you are honest, there would be no challenges in life. Sometimes being dishonest is a good thing and if you feel you could benefit from being dishonest like Helen (Jack's Mum) then why not? Jack’s dad (Dave) shows sometimes honesty can make problems bigger.

Sometimes honesty can make problems bigger. In the book, this is shown twice when Dave is honest with the insurance man and then again when Diana is honest with Jack and tells him that she help her dad rob the Lightfoots house. The first point is that Dave makes the problem bigger when he tells the insurance man that the bathroom window was open when the rest of the family wanted to lie and say it was closed just to get their stuff back. How it makes it bigger is that after the insurance man left the family divided, and they couldn’t get the money from the insurance company as the man saw the fight between the family and the division. With Diana being honest to jack it broke them apart but
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Dave doesn't want to lie to the insurance man so he tells the man that the bathroom window was open and even when the man says I will come back if you want with no memory of this conversation but Dave says ‘no.’ by the end of the book the family has become much closer because if Dave wasn't honest to the insurance man and they had got their things back they would have just been the same old family they were at the being. This shows that honest can sometimes be a good thing over time, but at first it may be bad. This is important as it shows the change in the Lightfoot family who were broken at the starts of the book and became one by the end, it also shows the difference can come together to form one big
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