Honey Bees Argumentative Essay

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Imagine you are flying through the crisp morning air. You are looking, searching for the biggest flower that you can find. Suddenly you see it, a huge pink flower. You land on its delicate petals and walk toward the middle. You bend down to get a taste of the nectar, after all it is the only reason that you were looking for the flower. You taste it on your tongue sweet and sticky. When you have had as much as you can carry you fly back to tell the others if there is more near by. This is how a Honey Bee would feel as they flew through the air looking for nectar. Many people enjoy the delicious products that Honey Bees pollinate and produce, but don't think much about how they do that. Honey Bees make wax and honey, they have a complex social class within the hive, and are born with many instincts. Honey bees have a very complex social class. The top of the social class is the…show more content…
For example they know that if they are going to sting you they will try and go for the most vulnerable part, they can only sting once so they try and plant it on your face. Once their stingers have been attached to your skin it pulls out their intestines with it, so it will fly off and die. Another example is if one bee finds a large supply of nectar they will fill up and fly back to the hive. When they get to the hive they will do a special dance to let the others know where the nectar is. They know to follow the queen if she leaves, because she is the only way to keep the hive going. That is only a few of the instincts that they have.

In conclusion, Honey bees being able to create and sustain a hive is amazing. They are able to make wax, and honey, they have complex social classes, and have many unique instincts. Honey bees pollinate ¾ of the crops and flowers. So next time you see a bee do not scream and run away they are just out to get nectar to keep their hive alive. We should really be thanking them for all that they do for
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