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Life is a delicate balance. Virtually every species relies on another to live. For instance, bats need mosquitoes to eat, butterflies need flowers for nectar, and people depend on plants for nutrition. The honeybee, a small, but important insect, is vital to human survival. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, without honey bees, a majority of the population would starve. Some people believe honeybees only make honey. Little do they know how important these pollinators really are.
Everything in nature has a purpose. Even the smallest of animals like a honeybee are necessary to maintain balance. According to Maria Boland, author of In the Trees, Honey Bees!(2009), the honeybee has been the most valuable insect for thousands of years. Pollination helps at least 30% of the world’s crops. More than 16,000 beekeepers transport their bees around the US to help crops. Without bees to spread pollen, many plants would die off. Many of our favorite foods are supported by bees.
Honey bees are also responsible
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Honeybees are not only important now, but they have been important for millions of years. According to Charles Micucci, one of science’s greatest mysteries is the honeybee because they have remained unchanged for twenty million years. It took thousands of years for humans and bees to work together. It hasn 't always been a great friendship. Humans started by stealing honey in 8000 B.C., 5000 years later, the Egyptians became the first beekeepers. Since then, we have continued to find ways to help the bees, such as developing safer hives so they can survive through harsh climates(Mortenson, 2010). Humans need honey bees to survive. Honey bees have pollinated 30% of the world’s crops. Without honey bees, farmers would only produce ⅓ of the crops they have today. We need to continue to build our friendship with these pollinators. As you can see, the extinction of honey bees would be a tragedy to the human race. We must preserve this precious

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