Honey Bees Scarcity Research Paper

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On a warm summer afternoon, when walking down the street, through a garden, or just outside, it is a common occurrence to see a honey bee. They startle people as they confront them with buzzing suddenly around them. In similar cases, people only consider the bees a nuisance. These people consider them a danger because their potential to sting. Those who see these bees consider nothing more than just the bees and a colony. However, bees are curious little creatures that present a wider picture than what people see and are more complex than credit given. When inspecting and observing them, they present a small model of how humans behave and interact with an organized system of life and interactions. This paper will discuss how in a world of scarcity,…show more content…
When bees run the hive as they normally do, the worker bees forage for the supplies that the colony needs. Once they find supplies, they report it to the rest of the hive through a dance (Karaboga 3). When they have found a food source, more bees to go to that source so they can get supplies. These bees are the middlemen that give information to the rest of the bees to save time from looking for more supplies and spent on collecting. These middlemen also assist in giving the other bees their comparative advantage because they are doing what they do best to allow the other bees to do what they do best. The other bees, namely some of the worker bees, build the hive and get the honey storage ready. They need to continue to build the hive to make room for the new eggs the queen will lay and make room for the pollen and honey the other worker bees collect to make the hive and food ("The Colony and Its Organization"). However, when the queen bee leaves due to death or sickness, the worker bees have to do her job along with theirs. With the absence of a queen bee, some of the workers gain the ability to reproduce ("The Colony and Its Organization"). They, in turn, produce the new queen bee so they can have the normally functioning colony that runs efficiently. In all the searching and building, the hive functions the best it

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