Honey Buns In Prison

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Honey Buns Aren’t Sweet In prison it is not made to be sweet but, in Florida inmates have found sweetness in Honeybuns. Honey buns are the only sweetness inmates get considering that in the reading, “Honey Buns Sweeten Life for Florida Prisoners” by Drew Harwell says, “A day’s meals inside the mess hall must be hearty enough to meet the 2,750-calorie count, healthy enough to limit fat and sodium, easy enough for prison cooks to prepare and cheap enough to meet the state’s average grocery bill-about $1.76 per inmate per day.” How is one supposed to feed someone 3 meals a day with only $1.76? For inmates to get honey buns would have to ask either love ones for money or work at a very low pay; like 30 cents. Prisoners in Florida are also committing more crimes over these honey buns mentioned in the essay, which is quite ironic that honey buns are their way of substituting money. Prisoners are selling, betting, and using it like alcohol. Drew Harwell in the reading, “Honey Buns Sweeten Life for Florida Prisoners” are all the examples of how honey buns have turned things around for prisoners only in Florida. Harwell uses many statistics…show more content…
For example, “… inmate Benny Rochelle dragged his cell mate off the top bunk, killing the man, when he could not find his honey bun.” Citizens outside of prison people are committing crimes by stealing or killing, all for either money or drugs even both; which leads them into prison. Then we have them going to prison committing a similar crime but, only for a honey bun. Don’t you think it’s funny how prisoners in Florida who found a substitution for money, drugs and another way of committing crimes for something so simple. The reading, “Honey Buns Sweeten Life for Florida Prisoners” is a perfect example to define irony in my opinion. Never would you think prisoners would commit a similar crime over a simple sweet treat; a honey
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