Honey Nut Cheerios Case Study

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Honey Nut Cheerios by General Mills is a company that promotes its products and services as being healthy to be happy. “Bee Happy, Bee Healthy” is a direct correlation to what their product and promotions is all about. They want to continue nourishing the consumer which is believed to be a relationship to what you eat. The company has come a long way to remain true to who they are and how they taste with the changing times of how we eat. Going gluten free was a decision that was made to serve a niche market that represents people who don't consume gluten for both personal and medical reasons. They have also made their product to be GMO free which appeals to consumers who believe that GMO’s are harmful. Honey Nut Cheerios have been marketed…show more content…
In the negative external influences we have the global situation of the honey bees being endangered. In 2016, 7 species of the honey bee have been placed on the endangered species list in the United States (Josh Hrala, Oct 3, 2016). Honey Nut Cheerios being a cereal that is associated with Buzz, the honey bee mascot, is affected by this. In the positive aspect Cheerios is aware that honey bees are important, so important that they are making their consumers aware of the problem. They are also doing it in the best way possible by making it easy for people to care and act on it. Cheerios has launched a program in which they will be giving away 100 million wildflower seeds for free for people to plant. The consumer will receive the seeds in the mail (at no charge to them) to plant these flowers that greatly attract and benefit the honey bee population. Many times people do care about issues that directly and indirectly affect their lives and others. Many times it involves a lot of interaction such as money, time, and continuous effort. Cheerios has addressed all those issues. The consumer doesn't need to get the seeds themselves, they don't need to upkeep the flowers because the bees are doing all the work, and it's something that doesn't need all your spare time (unless you are the gardening sort). This is something that families or individuals can do and it
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