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But coarse bubbles are easy to destroy, adding sugar into protein can help melt water into liquid sugar, which makes the surface tension fo protein becomes strengthened, thus at this time, bubbles are smaller and stable,. The opportunity when sugar being added into protein is important, and will influence the quality of meringue, adding sugar before protein whipping process, during, or later, will make differences. The time of adding sugar has larger influence in traditional butter cakes, however, in honey-walnut cake, it can be choosed by customers whether to add sugar separately, if you mind tedious baking process, you can add total amount sugar in one time, or you want to get better quality cakes, you can add sugars separtately, it saves…show more content…
Decorate with sesames and almonds. Fifthly, decorated paste with walnuts, sesames. Pistachios, cachew, and any other nuts and flavors as you want, you can add yogurt, and balcktrap molasses if you want, and blacktrap molasses is good for female health. Figure 8 .Put prepared dough into oven, baking at 170 Celsius, for 40 to 50 minutes. Figure 9. After baking. The outcome shows in the picture. 2.4. Sensory evaluation All three types of Honey-walnut cakes were given to 36 students and college staff for sensory evaluation. Within the sensory evaluation, seven attributes were evaluated from 1 to 7, which represented the lowest and highest level of each attributes. Those attributes including: aroma, sweetness, softness and bitterness. In addition, acceptability of each attribute is also evaluated by each tester, and the total acceptability of each type of product was assessed by all respondents. Results were shown in table 2 and 3 below. Table 2: Grades and total acceptability of four attributes of three samples. Honey-Walnut Honey-Almond Yogurt. Aroma 6 6 5 Sweetness 6 6 5 Softness 5 5 6 Bitterness 1 4 1 Total Acceptbility 6 3 5 Table 3: Acceptability of four attributes of three samples Acceptability Honey-Walnut Honey-Almond

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