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The Regent Honeyeater is a stunning bird which was originally found within 300km of the coast from Brisbane to Adelaide. The diet of these special endangered birds are most commonly nectar from eucalyptus they are omnivores. At the moment the population of these striking birds is 800-2000 birds left which puts the Regent Honeyeater in a critically endangered state. The kingdom these birds come from is Animalia. There phylum is Chordata, the Class Birds, the Order Passeriformes, a family of Meliphagidae, a genus of Xanthomyza and a Species of phyriga. These birds are magnificent black and yellow honeyeaters with a curved bill. Its head, neck, throat and bill are black and the back is yellow with a black unique pattern. The feathers on the wings and tail have a bright yellow colour. There is dark pink around the eye. Females and males are very similar, but the males are larger, have darker colours and have a larger area of pink around the eye. The call of the bird is a soft smooth sound. The size of these birds vary from 35 - 50 grams and are 20 - 24 cm long. They also have a wing span of 30 cm.…show more content…
The reason from this happening is many reasons some are: Larger aggressive Honeyeater birds causes competition which means the Regent Honeyeaters are at disadvantage due to being smaller. Habitat is being ruined by continuous infrastructure in the woodlands area. Egg and nest predation by other native birds. These are some of the many reasons the Regent Honeyeaters are critically

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