Hong Kong Conflict Essay

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Hong Kong – China Conflict

Since the handover of Hong Kong, People's Republic of China in the 1997 series of conflicts arising during the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong exchanges. As most of the people of Hong Kong, Hong Kong has a strong local identity, one country after the implementation in Hong Kong. Mainland China and Hong Kong many other differences in the institutional and cultural habits, such as differences in the two conflicts caused by political and cultural.

Why will happen Hong Kong – China Conflict?

Hong Kong leads to contradictions events can be divided into two areas: policy conflict and controversy Mainland visitors and Hong Kong

Policy debate
1. Double non-issue
2. The parallel-off problem
3. New arrivals a year, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme recipients problem

Chinese visitors and Hong Kong conflicts
1. Hong Kong guides and Chinese travellers’ conflict
2. Hong Kong businesses tend to Chinese tourists
3. Chinese children eating in the MTR train
4. Chinese children Urinating or defecating in Hong Kong
5. Large oppose the free exercise of the action
6. D&G prohibit photography storm in Hong Kong

Because of the above
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Hong Kong was a British colony for near ten decades. Most Hong Kong people are used to the style of British governance so they prefer it over the governance by the Chinese government even though the city has been returned to China for 15years. Hong Kong people not only lost their senses of belonging for China after the reign of the United Kingdom, but also denied their national identity. According to the survey conducted by The University of Hong Kong (2011), nearly two out of three local people still have not accepted their identity as Chinese. A city that has long adapted the culture of a foreign regime is now forced to adapt the culture of its motherland. The cultural differences, therefore, emerged, which in turn, gave rise to the
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